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We understand picking the correct diamond can be very confusing. Let us help you find your perfect diamond in 5 easy steps.

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   Step 1 : Select Diamond Shape

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   Step 2 : Select Diamond Carat
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.50 .75 1.00 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00+

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   Step 3 : Select Diamond Cut
Excellent : This cut produces the maximum amount of reflected light and brilliance.(Recommended)
Very Good : This cut is just short of ideal cut reflecting most of the light.(Recommended)
Good : This cut reflects a good portion of the light.
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   Step 4 : Select Diamond Color
Best Color : Minute traces of color detected only by an expert gemologist.
Good Color : Minor traces of color not detected by the naked eye.
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   Step 5 : Select Diamond Clarity
Highest Clarity : Nearly perfect with minute or no inclusion even under magnification.
Very High Clarity : Very few inclusions when viewed under magnification.
High Clarity : Few inclusions when viewed under magnification.
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Amazing Diamonds!!! I would surely suggest the spectacular range of diamonds and jewelry around here.This is one of the few sites which offers an extensive mix of Diamonds, Pearls, Gems with gold or platinum to form a good combo.
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Having any difficulty finalising a diamond? Our Personal Shopper is here to help you find the best possible diamonds matching your preferences and budget.
Top Recommended Understanding your requirement, we recommend the following diamonds. These diamonds are selected based on the shape, size, cut, color, clarity and price that match your preferences.
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