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Bracelets Guide
Bracelets are known to have a charm so potent that they are hard to resist. They are a statement-making jewelry piece that adorns the wrist beautifully. Allow us to present the various styles of bracelets available around.
Types of Bracelets
There are many different types of bracelets available in today’s market. Although there are bracelets made of rubber, plastic and inexpensive artificial beads, the jewelry world is dominated by the metal bracelets, often bejeweled with precious gemstones.
The major bracelet styles that rule the market are:
Tennis Bracelet
A tennis bracelet displays a symmetrical arrangement of precious stones in prong or channel setting. Tennis bracelets are by far the most sought after style and get their name from the renowned tennis player Chris Evert, who had once adorned such a bracelet during her game. Though the tennis bracelet until recent times has always been embellished with diamonds, the new trend witnesses the use of other gemstones.
Bangles are a form of bracelet and were originally called as the bangle bracelet. Bangles are the solid and slender variation of bracelets crafted out of metal having a smooth or a textured surface. These bangles may also be embedded with precious stones. Gold bangles and Diamond bangles are the most popular of all bracelet types.
Link Bracelets
Link bracelets have a series of similar jewelry pieces or gemstones linked together to form a bracelet of considerable length. It could have plain chain links or highly elaborated, intricately crafted links of metals with or without gems ornamenting the metal links.
Charm Bracelets
A charm bracelet is essentially a chain-linked bracelet enhanced by fitting to it such charms, pendants, birthstone gems, trinkets etc. Another implementation to a charm bracelet is the embossment of amulets or talismans to the bracelet for luck, prosperity etc.
Be it the dazzling diamond bracelet or simple charm bracelet, your search for various styles of Bracelets ends at B2C Jewels.