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Our Personal shopper is a free of charge service whereby a Graduate Gemologist from GIA is especially dedicated to making your shopping experience easy and memorable by offering professional advice in selecting the best possible product matching your budget, style & taste.
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Who is this service best suited for?
This service is meant for anyone who wishes to have the assistance of a dedicated expert in purchasing their perfect engagement ring or diamond.
How does it work -
The Personal Shopper is there for your convenience, to make your life easy. The Personal Shopper will scour through our inventory to find the best matches based on your personal taste and budget. He will then present an array of diamonds / engagement rings for you to choose from in an professional email presentation. Your courteous personal shopper will always be one phone call away if you have any questions.
How much does it cost -
This service is absolutely free-of-cost and is available every time you shop. Importantly, since the personal shopper is not paid any commission-per-sale, the personal shopper will never put any pressure on you to purchase any of the products suggested. Personal Shopper is there to make your shopping experience easier and to help you make a smart and smooth purchase unlike other pushy sales personnel out there.
Start Now -
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