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Proposal Stories
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Have your own proposal story to share?
It's serious and it's fun. Read the most adorable proposal stories of our customers and gain inspiration to create a better one yourself. Share your stories and also invite your friends to let us know which proposing style is all the rage today.
In the Maid of the Mist
My boyfriend planned to check out the Niagara Falls on a long weekend and I just couldn’t say no to my favorite vacation spot. So on May 23rd 2009 morning we reached Niagara and in the evening at 4 pm we got into our blue raincoats to take a ride of the ‘Maid of the Mist’, the world famous boat ride of Niagara. Our boat had reached under the Cave of the Winds and I began admiring the beauty and excitement of that place. “Wow! This is so amazing” that’s what I said to Dominic, though looking towa...
 By:   Linda & Dominic

My Surprise Proposal in Salsa Class
I and Rebecca had started dating each other in the Level 1 of our salsa classes and fell completely in love in just a few days. On October 31 ’08, when we were in the Level 5 of salsa, I planned up a surprise proposal to Rebecca along with all my salsa mates and tutors Benny & Pearl. Our usual class timings were 6.30 pm. So on the big day, we switched off the lights and waited for Rebecca to arrive. She finally entered in the ballroom at 6.40 and was shocked to see the darkness. Suddenly my frie...
 By:   Rebecca & Carl

A Twinkling Parking Lot
I had been pulling Edmond into marriage since two years, but he always felt he is not prepared. I was left downhearted just hoping in the back of my mind that soon he proposes to me for marriage. On the evening of March 28 ‘09 while we were shopping at a grocery store, I noticed Edmond is not at all attentive. He became very hasty by the time we cleared the bill. Thinking of his strange behavior I stepped out of the store. As I walked out, in the usually-empty parking area I could see 7-8 cars s...
 By:   Pamela & Edmond

Love Is In The Air
My boyfriend was a professional parasailor on the Daytona Beach in Florida and I’d met him in August 2006 while going for my first parasailing experience. We started dating and found our soul mates in each other. After that I’d gone for parasailing numerous times with him, so much that I got bored of it by the end. One day in March 2008 he told me to come with him to parasail again. I tried to forefend the plan but on his insistence I agreed to go. We were on the top of the skies when he told me...
 By:   Nora & Ivan

Forgot To Propose
Proposal Date:  04-08-2002
Proposal Location:   Trenton, NJ
Sterling has always been absentminded. In fact it happened to him when he was supposed to propose to me. It wasn’t exactly a surprise because we had chosen the ring together. After two months of a highly busy schedule, we finally found time for each other on a weekend. So we planned up to do some bar-hopping in Manhattan on that evening. Sterling was too high and he kept on saying, “I love you Molly & I want to spend the whole life with you”. I could feel the ring box in the pocket of his jacket and so I expected it to come out straight on my finger any moment. The whole evening passed away in our deep and romantic talks, but the ring never came out. I thought may be he had something else in mind. May be he’d propose to me on the way home. Hand in hand we reached home and Sterling dozed off straight on the bed. I went on the bed sympathizing myself, “May be he’s pretending and may be he has planned up to wake me up and then propose”. Well I was tired and couldn’t be awake to think more. The next morning I got busy preparing the breakfast and had completely forgotten the ring, when my darling boyfriend rubbing his eyes came in the kitchen and said to me, “Sorry I forgot to do this last evening. Will you marry me?” And there was the ring in his hand finally. I said yes and tightly hugged my forgetful but truly adorable boyfriend (now husband).
 By:   Molly & Sterling
 Wedding Date:   03-23-2004
 Wedding Location:   Trenton, NJ