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Aset Images

This software from the AGS uses patent color dispersion techniques to visually display the light reflected and returned from a polished diamond. This angular spectrum tool codes optimum performance in Red, Green and Blue that signifies ‘Most Intense’, ‘Less Intense’ and ‘No Intensity’ areas respectively. In industry norms it is observed that a Diamond ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool) image which has Red as the predominant color has the most Brilliance and Fire; however the proportionate distributions of all three colors i.e. Red, Blue and Green are important as it reveals where the light is reflected and returned. Red is the most desired color to have as it tells you that light is reflected from the stone giving brightness and intensity, whereas green indicates that light is usually reflected off nearby objects and is more faint. Black or White areas(Depending on the background color) in an ASET image indicate non-reflected facets in a stone which is referred to as leakage. :