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Earring Guide

Earring Guide

Earrings are the oldest known form of body decoration dating 5000 years back and they have always been an integral part of a woman’s attire.

Types of Earrings

One of the most important factors behind the immeasurable success of earrings is the all-embracing variety the world of earrings offers. The two main classifications of earrings can be given as:

  • Pierced
  • Non-pierced

These main classifications branch out into the several varieties available. By far, the most popular are the pierced earrings and hence, majority of earrings sold in the market today are of these type.

Following are the types that dominate the market:

Stud Earrings
Stud Earrings

Essentially a stud is an earring where a gemstone appears to be held on the earlobe without any support and a post passing through the earlobe holds them. Studs generally feature solitaire diamonds. As a matter of fact, the term Stud Earrings has come to find an inseparable association with diamonds.

Dangle Earrings
Dangle Earrings/Pendant Earrings

As suggested by the name, dangle earrings are those hanging from the earlobe at various lengths, from a centimeter to one touching your shoulder. Depending on the design, the dangle earring can either be the luxurious Chandelier or the gorgeous Drop Earring. While a Chandelier spreads out into branches in multi-levels, the Drop Earrings basically comprise of a straight dropping of a gemstone encased in metal.

Hoop Earrings
Hoop Earrings

All forms of circles, semi-circles, oval earrings categorize under the section of Hoop Earrings. Ranging from lengths touching the bottom of earlobe to those rubbing the shoulder, hoop earrings have been all the rage. The most common hoop earring is the continuous hoop earring, also called loops. Traditionally the hoops are metal rings, but with increasing demand of diamonds and other gems, studded hoops are now in popular demand.

Huggy Earrings
Huggy Earrings

Huggy earrings are the ones that cling to the earlobe. They are found in various designs and shapes, hearts and ovals being the most popular. Huggy are a popular form among teenagers owing to their suitability to casual wear.

Types of Earring Hangers

Despite the beauty and appeal of a pair of earrings, it would be useless if it is way too heavy to wear. It is important to understand the different supports that hold these earrings onto the ear. The industry terms these supports as Earring Hangers.

There are 3 basic types of earring hangers:

  • 1.Post
    Witnessed in stud earrings, a post is made of a thin metal wire that passes through the earlobe. A removable screw called the clutch holds the post in place.
  • 2.French Hoop
    This is a variation of the fishhook hanger. French hoops are rounded with an open bottom. The opening facilitates the passage of the earring through the earlobe.
  • 3.Lever Back
    The lever back hangers have a movable segment which folds upwards, thus, pressing the earring against the back of the earlobe and keeping it in place.

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