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Wedding bands are considered to be a means of saying that one is ready to spend the entire life cheerfully with the other person. This is symbolized by the circular band, a sign of complete union, boundless and endless. The custom of exchanging rings on the wedding day can be dated back to the Roman Empire times, but continues to hold meaning even in the twenty-first century.

Variations in Wedding Bands:

Metal Bands
Metal Bands:

A metal band is a ring with simple plain metal or a stylishly crafted one. As the lady wears the wedding band accompanying the engagement ring, you might want to consider a band of the same metal as the ring or another metal color creating a brilliant contrast. Platinum seldom finds a companion for combination as it is the purest of all metals and is preferred to remain by it self.

Studded Bands
Studded Bands/ Diamond Bands:

With gemstones gaining more and more eminence, a studded band is embedded in a metal setting with either of the various gemstones or a combination of a few. There has also been a widespread acceptance of diamond bands utilized as wedding bands.

Matching Bridal Sets
Matching Bridal Sets:

As the lady wears the engagement ring accompanying the wedding band, the need to complement each other was recognized and the vogue of matching bridal sets began. A bridal set includes two rings, an engagement ring and a wedding band which are designed to look one, when worn on the finger.

Matching Wedding Bands
Matching Wedding Bands:

Matching bands are a set of two wedding rings, one for the bride and the other for the groom, for the couples who wish to exchange rings that indicate being a pair. The two could be completely identical or may have similar designs in different metals or same metals and different stones, so on and so forth.

Three Ring Sets
Three-Ring Sets:

The concept of three-ring sets is relatively new. Three-ring sets merge the idea of bridal sets and matching bands, consisting of an engagement ring, a wedding ring for the bride and a wedding ring for the groom.

How to Choose Your Wedding Bands:

  • For Men
    Choosing a wedding band for men is simple. The only two things that need be kept in mind are the thickness of the band and its durability. Men's rings tend to be a bit wider and heavier to compliment their bigger and stronger hands.
  • For Women
    The purchase of wedding bands is of great importance mainly as it should beautifully complement the engagement ring in the case of women. When picking a wedding ring for the bride, one needs to take into consideration certain details. To simplify this process, B2C Jewels has designed these guidelines to assist you:


The wedding band style you select could either represent personal styles of the bride and the groom or could be complementary to each other. Opting between a metal band and a diamond band is based on your engagement ring and how you want the two rings to complement each other. If your engagement ring is a classic solitaire you can check for a diamond band with smaller stones. An easy solution is to select Matching Bridal Sets.

Most couples prefer matching band sets, but the concept of contrasting wedding bands has been gaining popularity. The wedding bands of the bride and the groom could have different metal but same design and similar engraving or same stone set in different metals.


The selection of a wedding band metal is predominantly based on the bride's engagement ring. One can be creative and choose anything from silver to platinum, including all shades of gold. Following are the most popular metals with wedding bands:

  • Gold:
    Gold is the choice of a majority of couples, particularly due to the traditional sentiment attached to it and also due to the variation it offers without causing much of a burden to the pocket. There are a variety of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold bands or bands showcasing a mix of two or more metals, both plain and studded, you can choose from.
  • Platinum:
    Since platinum is relatively durable, more dense and stronger, it provides higher resistance to damage and retains its luster for a much longer period than gold. Nowadays couples, therefore, choose platinum in spite of its high price.
  • Silver:
    Though not as popular as gold and platinum, silver does command for some acknowledgement as a metal for wedding bands, particularly due to its low pricing. There are equal design options available in silver as much in any other metal. You can even customize your wedding band as per your requirements in silver.
  • Titanium:
    Titanium is the new addition to the list of wedding band metals. Due to its light weight and strength, it has become a popular choice among those who have to indulge in rough hand or vigorous work.

    Read our Metal Guide to acquaint yourself more with these precious metals.

3.Gemstone & Mounting:

The most common gemstone used in wedding bands is diamond. Most wedding bands are actually diamond bands. Not always do they have diamonds alone, they might combine other precious gems with diamonds. The gem should be such that it does not clash with your outfit or other jewelry that you wear. Make sure whatever gem you select abides by the basic quality standards; the stones should be of good quality to handle daily wear and tear.

It is very important to select the right kind of mounting for your wedding band to support your precious gems in a secure encasing. The mounting will determine the durability of your wedding band.


The dimensions of your wedding band fall under lime light once you are through with the styling of your ring. The two aspects that need to be considered here are the size of your band and its width, the former being more important.

Your wedding ring has to be of the perfect size of your finger, otherwise it becomes difficult to adorn it all day. The most crucial aspect to comfort is the right sizing of the ring. So it requires to be taken much care of.

The other feature to dimensions is the width of your band. Metal you choose comes into consideration here, as it affects the band weight. If your wedding band is of broad width with light metal weight, it is likely that your band will bend and deform easily.

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