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The Process

Perfection begins with selecting a piece of diamond rough capable of becoming a polished diamond of technically superior quality and performance. Only a fraction of all diamond crystals are suitable for the Perfection line. Next comes the master plan. This is a blueprint of craftsmanship and technical achievement which, when applied to the rough, will release 100% of that diamond’s explosive beauty. Our diamond cutters meticulously shape the diamond to perfect angles and magnificent polish.

Once complete, we provide proof of a perfect cutting pedigree with scientific images and data for each specific diamond. But the ultimate proof is in the delight of the wearer! Only the most exhilarating diamonds will be branded "Perfection."

Why? Because Perfection is intended for the perfect person in your life.

Perfection Diamond Creation Process

The Proof

Every Perfection diamond boasts the coveted AGS “000” report, an ASET performance image demonstrating light return and exquisite “Hearts & Arrows” optical precision.

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B2C proudly displays online proof for each diamond with a suite of scientific images. These include the acclaimed American Gem Society ASET® image, Holloway Ideal-Scope® image and Hearts and Arrows crown and pavilion precision images. Select any combination of carat weight, color and clarity you desire, knowing that your Perfection diamond will explode with the most possible brilliance, fire and sparkle in a diamond.

Every Perfection stone is guaranteed to be certified eye-clean* by our gemologists.

*No inclusions seen in the face-up orientation at a distance of 25cm, under normal lighting, when viewed by a young adult with 20/20 vision.

The Pedigree

How rare are Perfection diamonds? Each is meticulously cut to parameters which are far more demanding than most sellers consider “Excellent.”

Where 15% of the world’s diamonds achieve GIA Excellent, every Perfection diamond is inside the top 1% of optimum proportions, as-agreed by Marcel Tolkowsky, modern mathematicians and science organizations, the GIA, AGS and labs in Europe and Asia who are judging diamond performance.

Perfection Diamonds

The Promise

  • Your Perfection diamond was Cut For Performance.
  • Your Perfection diamond appears brighter and bolder than others.
  • Your Perfection diamond appears larger than others of its weight.
  • Your Perfection diamond will be breathtaking for life.
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Perfection Diamonds Promise