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Craig Schmid's Proposal Story

Gig Harbor, Washington

Our Story: My Fiancé and I met playing tennis.  We love to that we have a past time we can share together.  We recently took a short weekend trip and always take our racquets with us and find courts to play while there.  My Fiancé woke up early to get us coffee but little did I know he drove to the court we would play on later than morning and spelled out on the court "Will you marry me?".  When we drove up he hurried over, got on one knee next to his art work and asked me to be his wife. I was so surprised and pleased with his efforts to make our proposal something that is very fitting with our coming together.  The ring he bought from B2C was gorgeous!  I am thrilled to wear this symbol of our love for our life together.

Ring of the Moment


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