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John & Stephanie Proposal Story

California, USA

Our Story: My fiancé and I had been talking about getting married after meeting my parents in China. We had looked at rings in S.F., and talked about all the important decisions, so I knew a proposal was coming. I wasn’t expecting a big fancy one because that was not our styles. I was expecting it on Valentine’s day, but it didn’t happen. Couple weeks before the trip, I found his favorite chocolate box in the room, and I was about to blame him because sweets are not allowed in the bedroom. He said he kept the last one for me and asked me to open it.....That was not a chocolate!!! It was a beautiful stunning diamond ring. I was surprised, he said he kept the ring in the box for weeks and waiting for this unforgettable moments. I laughed, he proposed and said all the promises, I felt touched and sweet. I showed the rings to our families and friends, they were all complementing on it. I love this beautiful ring and thanks to the customer service representative had helped us choosing this unique beautiful ring.

Ring of the Moment


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