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Karthik Bhatia & Yasheka Sharma Proposal Story

Jersey , New Jersey, United States

Our Story: Early November, Kartik had told me we were going to his friends wedding in St. Augustine, FL. When we got to St. Augustine, we checked into our big Airbnb which he had said we were sharing with his friends. He had also shown me a wedding card for the wedding. When I asked him what the gift is, he had a big sized box which he said was a google home as the bride and groom had wanted it which was part of the wedding registry. The wedding was to be at the Lightner museum. Once we got to the museum, the venue was stunning. We proceeded to go over this gorgeous bridge making our way to the wedding venue. Half way on the bridge, we stopped. Then Indian music started playing to which kartik had his own lyrics made out to. After he sang the lyrics with the music in the background, he got down on one knee and proposed to me! Shortly after he whistled and all of our friends and family came out from different areas of the museum to surprise me! Turns out there was never a wedding!! The reason St. Augustine was chosen was because there is a light festival going on during that in which the entire city is lit up in 3 million lights! It was stunning and beautiful. There was a great photographer capturing such great memories. A moment I will never forget! Below are some glimpses of the proposal!

Ring of the Moment


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