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This is a list of some of the terms and abbreviations used.

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A polished surface; a small plane which is cut into a surface and enhances its reflection of light.

Fancy cut

A gemstone cut into a shape other than round. Fancy cuts include princess, pear, marquise, oval, baguette, emerald, heart and less common but very unique shapes such as stars.


Similar in style to a curb chain, but instead of uniform links, the links alternate between long ones and round ones.


Lace-like ornamental work made from intricately arranged, intertwined wires.


Finish is used to describe the polish or texture applied to a metal. Common finishes include high polish, matte or brushed.


Flashes of different spectral colors seen in diamonds and other gemstones as the result of dispersion. Fire can also refer to the play of color associated with opals.


A short chain or ribbon attached to a pocket watch, often with an ornament or decorative seal attached to the end.

Foldover clasp

A type of clasp in which a hinged part opens, fits through a ring and snaps closed to hold the ring in place.

Four C’s

An abbreviation used to describe the Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut of a gemstone as defined by the G.I.A. which created a Diamond grading system using the 4Cs.

Full cut

see Brilliant cut.


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