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This is a list of some of the terms and abbreviations used.

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Radiant cut

The radiant cut is a combination of the classic emerald cut and the sparkle of the round brilliant.


A textured effect consisting of ridges.


A piece of jewelry which is worn on the fingers and slides on and off.

Ring guard

A ring worn above another ring to keep it from slipping off the finger.

Rope chain

Chain with a spiral appearance, with the effect of two thick strands woven together.

Rose finish

Jewelry done in a finish so that it has the pink look of rose gold.

Rose gold

An alloy of gold and copper.


Term used to describe a rock or crystal still in its natural state, before faceting or polishing.


Ruby is the red form of the mineral species corundum. Rubies symbolize beauty, charity, love, passion, power, and royalty.


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