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Buying an engagement ring online is an option that is becoming more and more popular. Hi! I'm Brian with B2C Jewels and in this video I'm going to try to answer some questions many people have about online shopping for diamonds and engagement rings. Also be sure to check part 1 of this series.


The answer is you can't buy a diamond without looking! Most online retailers will have actual images and videos of their diamonds uploaded. If they don't, simply call and request them. The images they will show you are magnified as if you were looking at a diamond with a jeweler's loupe. So, you may see inclusions or flaws.

Another bonus of buying online is that online retailers can also provide other images like ASET, and Idealscope which are really good at predicting a diamond's sparkle. Check our video on these images to know more about them. So, with all these options, buying a diamond online doesn't mean buying blindly. It can be more informative and detailed than buying from a store.


Reputable online retailers only offer diamonds certified from independent labs like the GIA. When you buy the diamond, it comes with a GIA lab report or diamond certificate. Often the diamond is laser inscribed with the report number, it's easy to match the number with the one on the report. If your diamond is not laser inscribed, there are other ways to tell. Your report will contain all information about your diamond, including a plotting chart of inclusions. A local appraiser can confirm that the diamond matches the report by looking at these inclusions and other facts.


You can always try on rings in jewelry stores. We recommend trying on different choices like solitaire and halo with different diamond shapes; you may like the round, or princess or emerald in different carat weights. Find out what looks good and check comparable rings online.


B2C Jewels has gone a step further and offers a "Try it for free" service. We will ship three ring replicas of your choice directly to your home for free. You can try on the rings at home for a week before deciding on one. To Know more about this service visit b2cjewles.com.


You can return it. This is a distinct advantage online retailers have over most chain retailers. You will fine most online retailers have a no-questions-asked return policy. You can either return the ring and we will refund the whole amount or you can exchange it for another ring. At B2C Jewels, all domestic shipping, including returns is free. Be sure to check all company policies before choosing an online vendor.


If you have any questions about online shopping for diamonds and engagement rings, post questions in the comments and we will try to answer them all. Subscribe to our channel to watch videos about diamonds and engagement rings.


And, as always, visit b2cjewels for the diamond of her dreams.

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