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Choosing a diamond shape is a very important decision when buying a diamond. Hi, I'm Brian with B2CJewels and today I'm going to talk about the different shapes of diamonds.


Diamonds are available in many shapes. Each shape is uniquely beautiful andhas different qualities. Choosing a diamond shape is a very personal choice. In this video, I'm going to talk about the ten most popular shapes. Let's start with the round diamond.


The Round Brilliant Diamond is, by far, the most popular diamond shape. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance, flash and fire. It is a timeless classic, and you will find it used for engagement rings, earrings and pendants, bracelets and any other jewelry application you can imagine.


The Princess is another popular diamond shape. It is traditionally nearly square but it can also be rectangular. The edges are perfectly crisp 90 degree angles so you’ll want to protect those corners with a smart choice of setting. It has similar brilliance to a round diamond in a popular shape.


The Emerald shaped diamond is known as a step-cut diamond with long facets parallel to the girdle. They are typically rectangular. It has cropped corners for added security against chipping. As with any step-cut, inclusions can be seen more easily in this shape, so look for good clarity when shopping for Emerald Diamonds.


The Asscher diamond is also known as a square Emerald Cut. It has the same cropped corners and step-cut facets as the Emerald Cut. Though this cut was first introduced in 1902, it gained popularity recently.


As the name suggests, a Cushion cut diamond is shaped like a cushion or pillow. Cushion diamonds are available in both square and rectangular shapes with rounded corners. There are many variations of cushion cuts, so personal preference plays a huge role in selecting a cushion cut diamond.


The radiant diamond is a square or rectangulardiamond with cropped corner and ‘brilliant’ faceting – as opposed to the step cut of an asscher.  Many feel this maximizes brilliance and fire. The cropped corners of a radiant do help alleviate durability concerns.


The Oval diamond is a brilliant cut variation of the round, with elongated ends. People who enjoy the brilliance of a round diamond but are looking for other options should consider an oval diamond.


The pear diamond has a beautiful shape, rounded at one end and with a tip at the other. It is a feminine shape and a popular choice for rings, earrings and pendants.


The Marquise diamond is shaped like an elongated eye, pointed at both ends. When it is set in a ring, the elongated shape gives maximum finger coverage.


A very romantic shape, the heart shaped diamond is also a good choice for special occasions, whether in an engagement ring or a pendant. When looking for heart shapes, choose one that has a distinct pointed end.


There are other shapes such as trillion and baguette, but these ten are the most popular choices. Choose any of these shapes at B2C Jewels. Continue to browse our channel to know more about each of these shapes.


And, as always, visit to buy the beautiful diamond of her dreams.