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When you're shopping for engagement rings, even the smallest details can make a huge difference. Hi, I'm Brian with B2C Jewels and today we're going to talk about the ring shank.


The band of the ring, around your finger is called the shank.Why is the ring shank important? The number one reason is of course comfort for the wearer. It has to be a comfortable fit for a lifetime. And, you want it to look good! The shank is an important part of the overall look of the ring. The simplicity of a straight shank ring might be perfect, but there are many possibilities – let’s take a look at some of the most popular shanks.


Now, with a tapered shank design, the shank gradually becomes narrow on either side of the center diamond. This highlights the center diamond beautifully and may even make it appear larger or, the tapered shank can become wider as it approaches the center diamond. This is usually to highlight graduated accent diamonds along the shank.


Many people love the split shank design. The shank splits into two narrow bands as it approaches the center diamond. The split shank can be as subtle as you wish or the shank can be brilliantly diamond-encrusted. There can be subtle details in the split shank like this ring with heart detailing. There are many other choices as well. Jewelers often recommend the split shank setting for elongated center diamonds like the oval, pear and marquise as it helps to visually balance these diamonds.


Next we have the Twist Shank: In this particular style, the shank splits and twists to form an infinity symbol - quite fitting for an engagement ring. It is a beautiful design and often the shank is mounted with accent diamonds.


Unlike other designs where the shank is flat, the knife-edge shank has two sloping edges that meet in the middle. This gives the ring a sleek, modern look.


Keep in mind that the width or thickness of the band can also differ. A width of about 2 mm is quite popular but bands can be thicker or narrower than that. As long as the ring fits well, the width is a matter of personal preference.Some people like thinner bands as it might make the center stone appear larger while others prefer a thicker band for aesthetic reasons of their own.


At B2C Jewels, you can have your engagement ring custom made. All you have to do submit a sketch or send a photo of your inspiration ring and our expert designers will take it from there. Visit to know more.