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If you know just what you want, or have no idea where to start with engagement rings, you have come to the right video. Hi, I'm Brian with B2C Jewels and in this video I'm going to cover the different types of engagement rings.


There are many types of engagement rings. Each design is beautiful and has different advantages. You’ll want to keep in mind the wearer's preferences and style when making a choice. Let's look at some of the popular designs so you can get started.


The solitaire ring is by far the most popular engagement ring.  There is only one diamond on the band hence the name solitaire. This design is classic and many people choose it because it never goes out of style.


In The Side Stones Engagement Ring, there are smaller diamonds on both sides of the center diamond. These diamonds are called accent diamonds and they add extra sparkle to the ring. But, this design may not be a good choice for someone who works with their hands a lot or someone who has to wear gloves for work.


A sparkling design, the Halo Engagement Ring’s center diamond is fully surrounded by a 'halo' of accent diamonds. The halo and the center diamond can give the appearance of one big stone dazzling everyone in the room.This is a particularly smart choice if you are on a tight budget but wanting an impressive look.


As the name suggests, there are three diamonds in The Three Stone Ring. You will find one side stone on either side of the center diamond.  These two side diamonds are typically half the carat weight of the center diamond. So, a one carat center diamond will have two half carat diamonds on either side, combining for a stunning final product.


The band of a ring is called a shank. In The Split Shank Ring, the band of the ring splits into two separate parts as it approaches the center stone. This design helps balance elongates shapes and is aparticularly  good choice for oval, pear and marquise diamonds.


These are some of the popular designs but of course you can always design your own ring. B2C Jewels makes customizing a ring really easy – simply send us a photo of a ring you have seen online or in a magazine or even a sketch of what you would like the ring to look like. Our jewelry experts can take it from there and give you a beautiful ring.


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