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Have you ever wanted to gift jewelry but didn't know where to begin? Hi, I'm Brian with B2C Jewels let’s talk about some beautiful jewelry gifts.


Diamond studs are earrings with a single diamond. You cannot go wrong with diamond studs because they are such a classic - a wardrobe staple for women of all ages. Another advantage of diamond studs – they are available in a wide range of budgets, sizes and shapes.


If you're looking for a spectacular birthday or anniversary gift, I would recommend classic 1 carat or 1.5 carat diamond studs. Round brilliant diamonds are the traditional shape but you can also choose princess or other shapes. B2C Jewels has launched a line of diamond studs in fancy shapes – check out the cushion and emerald shaped diamonds for a variety of style.


If you're looking for something to fit your budget or maybe for your friend, teenage daughter or to treat yourself, smaller studs are a great choice. At B2C Jewels, you can choose from pre-set studs or create your own by choosing a setting and diamonds.


Diamond pendants are a great choice for Graduation gifts, Mother's Day, mom's birthday any special occasion. A simple solitaire pendant where there's a single diamond is a great choice because it is versatile. She can wear it to work or as an everyday accessory.


The budget friendly choices is a halo pendant. The center diamond is fully surrounded by a 'halo' of small diamonds. The halo enhances the sparkle of the center diamond for that ‘wow’ factor.  You'll find a variety of settings and styles on our site.


Rose gold is trending everywhere right now, from phones and gadgets to home decor and  jewelry. This pink-infused gold is very beautiful and when paired with diamonds, the results are spectacular. Rose gold and diamond necklaces and earrings can brighten any special occasion.


Simple or minimalist jewelry like this petite heart diamond necklace we have in our collection can make a great statement.  It is versatile and can be worn by itself or can be layered with other necklaces.   


For women who love color, gemstone jewelry is a great choice. Gemstones are available in an array of colors from vivid blue sapphires to rich red rubies. Gemstone earrings and necklaces are appropriate gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, special achievements and so much more. Be sure to check out our selection of birthstone jewelry for a personalized touch.


I hope this jewelry gift guide helps you get started. Visit or check the links in the description box to find these gifts.