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Introduction: Many couples are choosing to do their engagement ring shopping online. There are a lot of questions about shopping for jewelry online – is it cheaper, is it safe, is it better to go to a jewelry store? Hi, I'm Brian with B2C Jewels and in this video I'm going to try to answer your questions about shopping online.


First of all online shopping can be cheaper. Compared to chain jewelers, online retailers have a small operation. The big overhead costs of chain retailers which require a large staff, the upkeep of a store in a prime location, lights, and security are all added to the price of diamonds. Premium jewelry stores can charge up to double what they pay. But here’s the truth - Beautiful diamonds can be quite affordable. Online retailers have reasonable mark-ups because they directly compete with one another, sometimes for the exact same diamond. So, all the 4Cs being equal, you can find a similar engagement ring much cheaper online.


It is very important to know that making a jewelry purchase online you should take the same precautions as you would when shopping online for anything else. Choose a reputable company, check their reviews online, call their customer service team and if you have any doubts, check their accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. With reasonable precautions, online shopping for diamonds is very safe.


Slide 3: Will I find a better ring online?

With access to hundreds of thousands of diamonds world-wide, online retailers can find you nearly anything you are looking for. Just check that your online retailers is offering loose diamonds certified from reputed, independent gemological labs like GIA or AGS. Many chain retailers us their own in-house certification which is simply not as widely accepted as a GIA or AGS lab report. With so much choice for lab graded diamonds, you're more likely to find a beautiful diamond engagement ring that also fits your budget by shopping online.


The most important reason to shop online is consumer choice. When you go to a jewelry store, the engagement rings are already fitted with the center diamond. So, if you see a ring you like, you have to buy the diamond and the setting as a whole package. What most people don't realize is that you can get a much better diamond and a much better deal, when you choose the center diamond separately and then have it mounted into a setting you like. You have complete control over the quality of your diamond and full freedom to choose any ring setting and you end up saving more than you would have when buying a pre-set ring from a store.


That should get you started with your online shopping -  Keep watching this channel, as we are going to add more videos about online jewelry shopping.


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